Alana Beard- Los Angeles Spark WNBA "The Hydra Edge along with the Recovery Edge and Creatine Edge has done great things for my body. I feel fully recovered the next day. Also, I am an extreme sweater and Hydra Edge is the first product to completely eliminate my body cramping. I would recommend Atleta products to anyone that is serious about getting an edge in the recovery process. "
- Alana Beard - Los Angeles Spark WNBA, 4 time All-Star, Former Duke University - All American, Olympic Gold Medalist.
"The Atleta Hydra Edge formula works, not one player cramped up during last saturdays game. Our players want more product."
- Noel Mazzone - UCLA Football Offensive Coordinator.
"Atleta has very high quality, great priced, proven products."
- Walt Williams- Former NFL Player, Grambling University Hall of Fame, NFL Strength Coach.
"If you are looking for a real solution to dehydration and cramping, Hydra Edge is the best product on the market."
- Brett Bech - Former wide receiver LSU Tigers and NFL's New Orleans Saints, NFL Strength Coach.
"We have tested and used Atleta products with many of our athletes with tremendous results. The products are clean, taste great, and are extremely efficient in helping athletes improve performance."
- Brian Martin, highly regarded NFL combine trainer, and Founder/ CEO of Test Sports Clubs and Test Football Academy in New Jersey and Boca Raton, Fla.
"We love the Atleta products. Our kids have improved both on the field and in the weightroom. The Hydra Edge has been worth its investment as we havent lost a kid to cramps the entire year or during 7 on 7's this past summer. Count us in on all Atleta products, our kids love them."
- John Bachman - Head Football Coach, Calvary Baptist HS, Shreveport, La.
"I have seen and experienced gains in physical abilities as a result of consuming a series of well balanced meals along with the supplementation of Atleta Performance Nutrition products."
- Juan Plaza, 2009 USA Olympic Track and Field Coach, also Founder of Speedworks Sports Performance Academy's.
"The Atleta products we utilize in conjunction with our training of athletes have shown proven effficacy. The informed choice check of approval ensures that these products are the highest of quality, Olympic and NCAA compliant supplements."
- Matt Merry, Co-Founder Speedworks Academy, also former NFL HighSchool strength coach of the year. Has mentored and trained highschool, college, and NFL players for the past decade.
"Atleta is no doubt on the cutting edge of sports nutrition. Our players have used the products now for about 6 months and we have compared past performance with performance now and there is no comparison. The results are staggering as it relates to muscle fatigue during competition."
- Dennis Dunn, Head Football Coach, Louisiana College. Former Head Coach Evangel Christian, Shreveport, La.
"My team takes Hydra Edge religiously, they like it and thinks its very effective, we are undefeated so far this season."
- John Simoneau, Head Football Coach Bernards Highschool- NJ.
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