Mission & Vision Statement

Coaching Connex-Us is founded on the belief that coaches pooling their talents and resources together can achieve the maximum benefit for their programs, athletes, parents and for themselves. The core principals of Coaches Connex-Us are to:

  1. Provide the very best in products and services offered, and
  2. Combine the resources of each program into a co-operative agreement to maximize quality, stability and prices.

We at Connex-Us, strive to match the best coaching programs available in the country with the best products and the best prices for the benefit of all. This core value will allow Connex-Us members to provide the best equipment, education, integrity, prices, stability and quality of goods and services offered to our programs, athletes and communities. We will be "best of breed" in all endeavors.

Connex-Us recognizes that without the engagement of coaches, we have no core of leaders and programs to found and grow our organization. Your membership not only provides benefits for your program, but benefits for you. We understand that our athletes, programs and ourselves are valued on "effort based rewards" and Connex-Us is founded to maximize one's efforts.

As a member, you agree to provide resource information on your programs, buy-in and fill-in years for equipment and goods. This information is critical for Connex-Us to meet one of its core mandates to provide best prices, quality and stability of equipment and products for members. We believe that pooling all resources for all programs will allow Connex-Us to collectively market our mass purchasing power to premier vendors for benefits unequaled as a standalone program.

As a member, Connex-Us recognizes that we need to provide an opportunity for coaches to directly benefit from their efforts. Please note that we are committed to provide services and programs that meet our mandate of "best of breed" for all.

No Banned Substances