Affiliate Marketing: "Atleta On-line Store"

On-line Benefits:

  • Direct retail profits to your school or athletic program
  • No "Fund Raising" programs
  • No inventory management or shipping
  • No cash handling
  • No sales tax collection or reporting
  • Certified "Best of Breed" Products

Affiliate marketing is designed to develop a dedicated on-line store for a school and/or sports program which Atleta rewards an affiliate for customer purchases. Purchases made in the on-line store are a direct result of the relationship between the affiliate and their athletes, parents, booster club members, blog site, Facebook friends or Twitter followers. Atleta Performance Nutrition offers an affiliate net retail profits based on customer purchases from their on-line store. Affiliates are able to blog, post and/or tweet their personal and professional Facebook friends and Twitter followers and invite them to their on-line store. Customers that purchase products from traditional retail locations are now able to their school and/or athletic program with 'no new dollars'. The retail profits from one's purchases are directed back to the affiliate.

No Banned Substances